Labyrinth of Nomadic Passions

"The city exists and it has a simple secret: it knows only departures, not returns"

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Contemporary ambient storytelling.
The creation of stories, allusions and atmospheres using voice, music, film, writing, dance, painting and other forms of communication.
The stories are told in various languages and by musicians and artists from around the world.

“Labyrinth Of Nomadic Passions” is a project that brings traditional storytelling into the 21st Century. By employing modern media methods stories are created by a variety of musicians, writers and artists and are intended for recorded, film, printed and live performance.

There are plans for:
CD and DVD releases
An interactive website where writers can add their own stories
Film and video makers to interpret and illustrate the stories for live performance and commercial release
Books of photographs and paintings to complement the stories

By working with artists from around the world working in a variety of media and each having a unique voice “Labyrinth Of Nomadic Passions” is a truly cross-cultural, multi-disciplinary, world project.

  Those involved include:
Igor Tojcic – Writer/Producer
Martin A Smith – Composer/Producer